About the artist

Didier Rousseau-Navarre was the founder of the botanic garden of Marnay-sur-Seine and has been its curator since its creation. His art, his work and research have led him on the path to botany. In this way, he became a member of the « Administration des Jardins Botaniques de France et des Pays Francophones » (the Board of Botanic Gardens of France and French-speaking Countries).
He also represents the biodiversity group of plants and fungi on the « Conseil d’Orientation Stratégique de la Fondation pour la Recherche sur la biodiversité » ( the Strategic Orientation Council of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity).
As an artist, his work is based on a radically pagan principle. For him, living things are expressions of Desire under its various forms. And Nature has its own deterministic laws which do not need the intervention of an all-knowing, almighty creative force.
In his sculptures, he uncovers the secrets of vegetable life with the eyes of a naturalist.
Each one of them also underlines the deep relationship between plants and the history of Mankind.
Ovid’s Metamorphoses tell us of the way men experience the change into vegetable life.
In pagan traditions, forests are temples and trees are personified in rituals which permit men to reach joy and bliss in a new state of the body and the soul. As regards the Christian tradition of the Gospels, we are told how a man suffers and dies on the wood of the cross on his quest, not for personal fulfilment, but for the building through pain of a redemption and moral purification of the so-called sins of mankind.

However, the tree is and will remain the companion of Man’s history.

What Didier Rousseau-Navarre offers the visitor of this exhibition today is his personal approach and testimony of this mysterious relationship.

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